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Revival? :: kIKi on 15 Sep 2009
I was looking through my graphics pages again and reading people's comments on my last post...and I want to design again.

I don't have photoshop or paintshop on my MAC and I don't think any of the school computers do...I can't afford to buy the Mac version of those design programs, so the only time I'd be able to design is when I go home...and the next time that will be is Winter Break.

By then I might lose my motivation again :(

I don't know what to do...

kIKi smiled on 15 Sep 2009

So This Isn't Really Working... :: kIKi on 09 May 2008
I have several layouts in the works but I haven't had the motivation to really finish them...

I already closed my TCG and am thinking about closing the graphics portion of this site. I just don't feel motivated, and I haven't made a layout in so long. Truthfully mine aren't all that great, and given the amount of time I've dabbled in graphic design, I haven't evolved all that much.

It's something I still like to do and think about and plan/brainstorm, but executing is a whole different matter. I'm going to be working this summer and going off to college so chances are I'll not only have less time, but in college I'll have to design using a Mac (if I get a MacBook for my laptop) and I've never done that before...

I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. I feel like I'm wasting everyone's time and my host's space. I know I meant to condense this into a more personal site...we'll see I suppose.

kIKi smiled on 09 May 2008

Wow :: kIKi on 25 Feb 2008
Wow, it's 2008 and I haven't updated a bit. I am so sorry!

I promise to update during Spring Break (which is in three weeks).

Currently I am in the midst of musical (The Wiz!) and trying to get my fanlisting collective up and running (once again, my host has abandoned me). I'm so sorry about my negligence!

kIKi smiled on 25 Feb 2008

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