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Sorry! :: kIKi on 03 Sep 2007
I meant to update more this summer, I really did. Things just got too busy and out of control for me.

I updated the navigation and content a little. I got rid of all the stuff under 'Fun' that were just space-wasters.

I plan on condensing SOS a bit - plans for that are still in sketch mode. I'm really going to turn SOS into a personal site with graphics. My recent loss of a host and having to move all my sites and stuff made me realize the craziness of having so many sites. So I want to eventually move my blog back here, but that'll take some time.

kIKi smiled on 03 Sep 2007

Whew! :: kIKi on 23 Mar 2007
Okay, I've got loads of updates for you all!

Firstly, I've added two new div layer layouts featuring Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

Secondly, thanks to the layouts, I've added three 100x100 avatars, and four 88x31 buttons.

Thirdly, I've added four wallpapers. Two are ones I made for a Shakespeare class Creative Project first semester. I didn't want them to go to waste =]. The second two are just from the background that I made for the second Tsubasa layout. So enjoy =]. I may not be able to update for a while =[.

kIKi smiled on 23 Mar 2007

Yay, update of 200! :: kIKi on 20 Feb 2007
Happy Lunar New Year to those of you who celebrate it. Goodness knows I've been busy lately. My apologies for not updating this year yet! O___O With SAT testing and all of that stuff my time has been sucked up pretty quick.

Anyway, I made a new iframes layout for you all, and accompanying it, of course, is one 100x100 avatar and one 88x31 button =).


kIKi smiled on 20 Feb 2007

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