Current and Past Layouts
These are the past layouts of Storm of the Season.

Version: 4
Title: Last Chance
Duration: 8/19/06 to ?
Comment: PNG credit goes to Aethereality. I just wanted to put up a layout before school started and decided to use a blue color scheme for DNAngel instead of the standard red/purple. This layout is also SOS's first tables layout. Took a while to code but I'm happy with the result. The coding and headers were copied over from my blog's layout because I really didn't have time or the willpower to try anything super fancy.

Version: 3
Title: Captured in Color
Duration: 8/11/05 to 8/19/06
Comment: In the beginning I kinda made the top image cut it wavey-like and it ended up in the shape of a fish with its mouth open o.o and I didn't like how the border was all jagged, so instead I went back and just made it into a banner. I could've used a pixel stretch to make a nice rainbow background but I'm tired of the pixel-stretch trend. The name just came to me while I was writing this summary o.o but it fits because Sakura is the Card Captor and I purposely chose images that had her in costume.

Version: 2
Title: Tears Fall...
Duration: almost two years o.o
Comment: This image was from featuring Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2. I tried blue and then purple, but only gray seemed to work nicely. I used the Pixel Stretch effect, thanks to Fiona with a lot of confusing gradient stuffs. For new visitors, the layout was okay I suppose, but it was up way too long and pixel stretch backgrounds take forever to load. The layout, in its unedited form can be viewed in our Layouts section. The main downfall is the hover link effect.
Version: 1
Title: Emerald Winds of Change...
Duration: a few months
Comment: Ugh. I hated it. It was a plain green abstract art learned from, with just a text and some brush effects used as Image Map. I wanted to make it divs, but it looked too weird, so it ended up being iframes. It was the first time I used a gradient wipe link effect and cutenews.