Songfics are fanfics based on a song. It's hard to explain, so read one and you'll know. All songfics here are © to me, 100%. NO DISTRIBUTING WITHOUT PERMISSION. Credit would be appreciated, but is not needed, if you are inspired to write one of your own. They're listed in the order I wrote them, even if they are all on the same day.

I Turn to You- features Yuna in her memories-type thing in FFX-2.
Come Clean- features Yuna singing and dancing to the song.
Everytime- features Yuna in FFX2, partially.
Invisible- features Inuyasha and Kagome.
Dreaming of You- features Yuna between FFX and FFX2.
Angel of Mine- features Yuna 'reflecting' on the past.
From Loving You- features Yuna.
Because You Loved Me- features Yuna reflecting on her pilgrimage.
Until I Get Over You- features Tifa trying to get over Cloud.
I Survived You- features Inuyasha 'surviving' Kikyo.
I Will Carry You- features Yuna and Tidus.